CT Data Collection Instrument

CT Data Collection Instrument

Here you can find the data collection instrument measuring Critical Thinking skills and dispositions employed for the evaluation of the Critical Thinking Blended Apprenticeships Curricula designed and developed within the Think4Jobs Project. The instrument comprises of two parts. The first part includes the shortened version of the Critical Thinking Self-Assessment Scale (CTSAS) for HE students composed of 60 items, while the second part includes the Student-Educator Negotiated Critical Thinking Dispositions Scale (SENCTDS) composed of 21 items. For data collection purposes, both scales were translated in the local languages of the Partners engaged in the Think4Jobs Project, namely Greek, German, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Romanian. You can download the translated versions of the instrument by clicking at each language on the table below (Table 1). Our fourth Intellectual output describes the scoring of the instrument as well as the validation process. You can read the intellectual output here: https://think4jobs.uowm.gr/intellectual-outputs/#!

CTSAS-SF & SENCTDS Scales in local languages
CTSAS-SF & SENCTDS Scales in Greek
CTSAS-SF & SENCTDS Scales in German
CTSAS-SF & SENCTDS Scales in Portuguese
CTSAS-SF & SENCTDS Scales in Lithuanian
CTSAS-SF & SENCTDS Scales in Romanian

Table 1: The translated versions of the CTSAS-SF & SENCTDS Scales in the Project’s local languages

The instrument can be distributed under the Creative Commons license “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” (CC BY-NC-SA)

Therefore, if you wish to use the data collection instrument measuring Critical Thinking skills and dispositions employed by the Think4Jobs Project in local languages you have to use the recommended citation:

Recommended citation:

Payan Carreira, R., Rebelo, H., Sebastião, L., Sacau, A., Ferreira, D., Simões, M., Pnevmatikos, D., Christodoulou, P., Lithoxoidou, A., Georgiadou, T., Papadopoulou, P., Spyrtou, A., Papanikolaou, A., Oikonomou, A., Dumitru, D., Mihăilă, R., Badea, L., Minciu, M., Kriaučiūnienė, R., (…) Paun, D. (2023). THINK4JOBS Guidelines: A protocol for Critical Thinking transfer from curricula to labour market. Greece: University of Western Macedonia. ISBN: 978-618-5613-11-2. URL: https://think4jobs.uowm.gr/results/intellectualoutput4

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