The European Summit of Critical Thinking for Successful Jobs

The European Summit of Critical Thinking for Successful Jobs



(Multiplier Event E5)

10 May 2023 from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm (CEST)

Critical Thinking is recognised as a key skill in the progressive and globalised societies of the 21st century. Together with other soft skills, they ensure the better employability of graduates However, there is a skills gap between the expectations of industry and society and the qualifications of higher education graduates, especially in the area of critical thinking. The Critical Thinking for Successful Jobs-Think4Jobs Project aims at bridging this gap by facilitating collaboration between higher education and business for the design, development and evaluation of curricula that promote the development of Critical Thinking.

This event is aiming at the academic community (teachers, professors, University Associations’ representatives, Students Associations’ representatives), governing bodies of higher education institutions, Labour Market Organizations, Policy Makers and all interested audiences who want to deepen their understanding of Critical Thinking for Successful Jobs.

Join the partners of the Think4Jobs Project in this face-to-face & online event to:

  • Learn about Critical Thinking and the skills and dispositions associated with it.
  • Learn about methods and approaches for designing and delivering modules and lessons.
  • Learn about Assessment of students in critical thinking.
  • Learn about the results produced by the Think4Jobs Project and their added value.
  • Become a member of the international network for Critical Thinking

Check out the agenda of the event.

Check out a short video from our trip in Leer, Germany, documenting the European Summit of Critical Thinking for Successful Jobs and the farewell Transnational Project Meeting.

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