📢 Exciting News from #EARLI2023 Conference in Thessaloniki! 🎉🌟📚 Dimitris Pnevmatikos, the remarkable Project Coordinator of #Think4Jobs, took the stage on Friday, August 25th, 2023, and presented the Special Issue titled “Critical Thinking: Bridging a Successful Transition between University and Labour Market.” invited by Education Sciences MDPI to fellow researchers and scholars in the field of #learningandinstruction🎓🌐

Let’s give a virtual round of applause for this remarkable presentation! 👏👏 If you’re interested in learning more about #criticalthinking and its role in bridging the gap between #HigherEducation and the #labormarket, make sure to check out the Special Issue👇: https://www.mdpi.com/…/education/special_issues/labor_edu 
If you are working on #CriticalThinking, contribute to the special issue. The deadline is 31/10/2023!😉

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