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The Institute of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Philology
Vilnius University (Lithuania)

and the Department of Primary Education
the Department of Psychology
University of Western Macedonia (Greece)
invites you to the

Nurturing Critical Minds: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Education and the Workforce
June 27-28, 2024


The conference will be held in hybrid mode


We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming international conference on Nurturing Critical Minds: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Education and the Workforce” which will take place at Vilnius University Lithuania as well as online.

The conference is interdisciplinary, it will cover a diverse range of fields and perspectives on the development of critical thinking skills in different academic fields at universities and labour market institutions. Showcasing the holistic approach, the conference aims to explore the vital role of critical thinking in diverse academic disciplines and its significance in the ever-evolving landscape of labour market institutions.

The conference aims to bridge the gap between universities and labour market institutions, fostering a culture of critical thinking that thrives in the classroom and enhances professional growth in the workplace. This conference will serve as a platform for educators, researchers, and labour market professionals from diverse fields to explore innovative strategies, share best practices, and collaborate on integrating critical thinking skills into educational curricula.

Key Conference Highlights:

-Interdisciplinary Approach: Engage in enriching evidence-based dialogues that bridge the gaps between different academic domains and connect to diverse workplace environments.

-Educational Innovation: Explore methodologies, approaches, and techniques aimed at nurturing critical thinking skills among students in various educational settings.

-Best Practice Sharing Learn from experts in the field about successful initiatives and best practices that have effectively developed critical thinking in students.

-Research Presentations: Access the latest research findings related to the development of critical thinking skills of students across different academic disciplines, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject and its relevance to labour market institutions.


The conference will focus on (but not limit itself to) the discussion of the development of critical thinking in the discipline areas dealt with in the Erasmus+ Think4Jobs project (teacher education, foreign language teaching, the studies of economics, IT and medicine The following Panel sessions are already open for registration:
o Panel session: CT development in Teacher training programmes
o Panel session: CT development in Foreign language teaching
o Panel session: CT development in Literary and Intercultural studies
o Panel session: CT development in Mathematics and IT studies
o Panel session: CT development in the studies of Economics
o Panel session: CT development in the studies of Medicine

Proposals for Panel Sessions (moderator and 3 4 panel experts) to discuss the development of critical thinking in other discipline areas are also welcome. Proposals for Panel sessions could be sent to the conference contact person at: agne.vaidakaviciute 

o Dimitris Pnevmatikos (University of Western Macedonia, Greece) “Creating Critical Thinking Professionals: Challenges for Higher Education and Strategies for Enhancing Critical Thinking”
o Luis Sebastião (University of Evora, Portugal) “How critical is critical thinking”
o Alistair Starling (Co-Founder and Managing Director, European Diplomats, Germany) “Business Diplomacy: A Symphony of Critical Thinking, Business Acumen, and AI Read-iness in the Global Landscape”

o Erika Vaiginienė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) “Critical thinking in the context of Socio-Technical Revolution: risks and opportunities”

o The main language of the conference is English.

o Plenary speeches (45 minutes)
o Presentations (15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion)
o Panel sessions
o Round table discussions (45 minutes)

Faculty of Philology
Institute of Foreign Languages
Universiteto St. 5
Vilnius LT – 01513

THE CONFERENCE is coorganized by
Department of Primary Education
Department of Psychology
3rd km National Road Florina-Niki, 53100, Florina

o REGISTRATION FEE for participation in person €100 (payment by 1 June, 2024)
o REGISTRATION FEE for online presentations €50 (payment by 1 June, 2024)
o NON-PRESENTER‘S FEE €10 (payment by 20 June,2024)
o RECEPTION DINNER FEE (optional) €30 (payment by 1 June, 2024)

The participant’s registration fee covers
o Conference programme and abstracts (electronic format). All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
o Publication of selected articles in a separate book to be published with one of the highest-ranking Publishing Houses Brill, Palgrave Macmillan, etc.
o Certificate of attendance.
o Coffee during the brakes
o Excursions around Vilnius University and the Old Town of Vilnius.

o Submission of abstracts (~ 250 words): by April 25, 2024.
o Notification of accepted abstracts: by May 10, 2024.
o Submission of articles: by May 25, 2024.
o Notification of article acceptance: by June 21, 2024.

Institute of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Philology
Vilnius University
Universiteto St. 5
LT-01513 Vilnius
Lithuania Tel.: +370 5 2687272; + 370 5 268 7268
Please mark your calendars and join us for this enriching discussion on fostering critical thinking skills in education and their impact on the labor market. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable as we collectively work towards a future where critical thinking is a cornerstone of education and professional success.
We look forward to your participation and meaningful contributions to this significant event.
For more details and submission guidelines, please visit our conference website:
Thank you, and we anticipate fruitful discussions during the conference!

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